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Review conclusions that have been made between brain research and child development.Highlights the important roles adult play in healthy development.
To help children develop potential for success, give children small jobs or 'chores' from a young age. Here are some ideas for how to get started:
Parents can help pick up where the textbooks leave off, and advance their child's understanding of citizenship. Here are some tips to get you started.
Is good sportsmanship a thing of the past? Here's how parents can cultivate a sense of sportsmanship in their child.
Most parents are aware of the importance of good communication between themselves and their child’s teacher, and the parent-teacher conference is a prime example of when both parties are geared up for communication. But, especially as a parent, it's important to go into a conference prepared.
Got a kid who's never been camping before? Ease her fears with this collection that shows getting closer to nature can be fun and a precious memory.
Independence starts at home -- in your own kitchen and your own backyard.  Here's how to set up your house to encourage it.
Is inventiveness inborn, or the result of a particular kind of parenting? How kids play determines the way they think. Expert advice on cultivating creativity.
It's clear from most college admissions websites that students should load up on high school science. But how many years and what exactly is required?
With over 200 citizen science projects, ordinary adults and their children can collect data that supports scientific studies and local policymaking.
Although many individuals are influential in the lives of young children, this position statement targets those who care for and are responsible for teaching
People used to consider a baby's brain a blank slate, but new research is proving that wrong. The gist of it: your baby knows more about math than you think.
There are Shakespeare festivals in almost every state of the union, but here are some of our favorites:
Teenagers spend a lot of time online. What do teens really do online? Facts for parents about how teens access the internet, what teenagers do online, and more!
Many parents and teachers have begun to question to the value of homework. Arguments are made in favor and against assigning homework in our schools.
Does birth order really matter? Find out common traits of each kid in the birth lineup, and get our tips for parenting your oldest, middle and youngest kids.
Whether you plan to sleep in a tent or a cabin, leaving the comforts of home can be an adventure in and of itself with your preschooler.  Here's what to do.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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