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Learn about the social, emotional, physical and intellectual milestones of children in your child's age group.
Infants have no choice but to cry when they're wet, hungry, tired or just plain bored. Learn to decipher your child's wails and nip the problem in the bud with these tips to calm down baby.
Babies covered in cake make adorable photo ops, but feeding him isn't always black and white. Check out our list of potentially harmful baby foods to avoid during the first 2 years.
As a new parent, you may know what age is optimal to begin weaning your baby off the breast or bottle, but how do you introduce your little one to solids? Get the skinny on different approaches; and why baby-led feeding looks so good.
Gone are the days when your baby slept most of the time and was blissfully immobile. Now, it's all about chasing your little one around the house, and quelling imminent tantrums. Get our tips for how to calm a fussy baby.
The best body and brain boosting exercises for the new addition to your family start with you. Help your baby get a strong start with these developmental activities for infants.
Babies don't come with an instruction manual—even though parents often wish they did. New parents often find themselves overwhelmed with old wives' tales about babies, so which advice should you follow? Find out here.
When you find yourself with a new bundle of joy, it's no surprise you want him close. Between midnight feedings and bleary-eyed diaper changes, co-sleeping with baby can sound like a great idea. But is it right for you?
As your kid approaches his first birthday, feeding time gets increasingly messy and complicated as your budding epicure starts to test mealtime limits. Get our tips for safely feeding baby finger foods that he'll love.
The article discusses self-help skills such as feeding and toilet training in babies and toddlers.
Whether you're vaccinating on schedule or not, chances are that your baby will experience some type of blood draw, pin prick or immunization during the first few months of life. Calm your vaccination fears with these tips.
Your baby's turning 6 months old, and you've reached a huge milestone too: surviving parenthood for half of the first year. Have the camera ready for these monumental 6 month milestones.
As you near the end of your baby's first year, all of the skills he's been learning are put to the test. Learn what to expect in terms of walking, talking and eating with these 11 month milestones.
Those first weeks of parenthood can seem like something from The Twilight Zone, when there's no day or night, just endless streams of feeding, burping and sleeping. New parents start feeling like zombies, . . .
As you near your baby's first birthday, he hardly resembles that helpless bundle placed in your arms just 10 short months ago. Find out what to expect from your almost-toddler with these 10 month milestones.
Crawling, teething, and endless conversation are only three of the new skills your baby's mastered this month. Find out what else to expect with these 7 month milestones.
Breastfeeding's often touted as a blissful bonding experience for mama and baby, but the reality is often more complicated than expected. Avoid and treat these common nursing problems with these tips.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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