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A new study shows academic success may hinge on how many words you speak to your child. What's the magic number?
People used to consider a baby's brain a blank slate, but new research is proving that wrong. The gist of it: your baby knows more about math than you think.
When children do something hurtful we tend to make them apologize. But it isn't saying 'I'm sorry' that children need to learn so much as it is feeling sorry.
What to do if your child hasn't learned to walk 'on schedule': First, relax. Second, read this article!
Babies covered in cake make adorable photo ops, but feeding him isn't always black and white. Check out our list of potentially harmful baby foods to avoid during the first 2 years.
A new report says every child should be screened for autism twice before the age of two. What does this means for parents?
Identifies stages in Bowlby's ethological attachment process and highlights the importance of the attachment relationship in early childhood classrooms.
Children are naturally curious and continually engage in exploration and play. They are intrigued by cause-and-effect phenomena and delight in being surprised.
Examines the vital role that parents play in promoting their infants' and toddlers' development and the implications it has for child care professionals.
The best body and brain boosting exercises for the new addition to your family start with you. Help your baby get a strong start with these developmental activities for infants.
It's been four weeks, and you're feeling a tad more confident with your parenting skills. Your kid is growing and figuring out new skills every day. Learn all about what to expect with these 2 month milestones.
Your infant has blossomed into a bouncing three-month-old, and she's learning new skills every day! Find out what to expect and how to encourage her with these tips for 3 month milestones.
You may be surprised to learn how different non-American parents view their infants and interact with them. Here are some of the differences.
Your infant's cries seem endless, and you're a sleep-deprived zombie out of ideas to soothe her. Get some much-needed sleep with our tips for how to calm a crying baby.
The article discusses the three stages of prenatal development: germinal stage, embryonic stage, and fetal stage.
As adults, we often feel it's too difficult to learn a new language, but for kids, it's easy. Here's how to get bilingual in an increasingly global society.
After 40 weeks of cravings, nausea, and weight gain, you finally get to see the fruits of your laborâliterally! Your baby's growing and changing every day, so check out our guide on her one month milestones.
Infants have no choice but to cry when they're wet, hungry, tired or just plain bored. Learn to decipher your child's wails and nip the problem in the bud with these tips to calm down baby.
Browse developmental milestones birth to 1 educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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