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As you near your baby's first birthday, he hardly resembles that helpless bundle placed in your arms just 10 short months ago. Find out what to expect from your almost-toddler with these 10 month milestones.
Most new parents worry about their little one reaching baby developmental milestones, and get 'milestone envy' watching other kids soar. Calm your worries by learning about these developmental landmarks, and what you can do to help your baby achieve them.
After four months with your baby, he's transformed into his own person, complete with likes, dislikes and new skills every day! Learn more about what to expect with these 4 month milestones.
Your sweet bundle of joy has turned into a babbling ball of energy by the time he hits the 4 to 6 month mark. Help him hone important skills for growth and learning with these baby development activities.
Gone are the days when your baby slept most of the time and was blissfully immobile. Now, it's all about chasing your little one around the house, and quelling imminent tantrums. Get our tips for how to calm a fussy baby.
Provides a table outlining the use of pronouns in the language development of children aged 12 months to 4 years.
An overview of a young child's cognitive development.
Helpful suggestions for interactions that parents and caregivers should have with toddlers to enhance their language development and communication skills.
Outlines ten core concepts which frame our current understanding of early development and can serve as guides for interacting with very young children.
Lists the different facial emotions that infants begin to exhibit at different age from birth to six months. Some emotions are social smile, anger, fear,
Becoming a parent is probably the most life changing experience you'll ever have—and that's terrifying. Quell your worries with our expert advice for new parents.
An overview of how negativity and exploration are the first signs of a child's developing autonomy.
From gurgling and cooing to more sophisticated sentences, read about the stages of language development in young children.
Highlights the milestones of motor development in three month periods for children aged zero to one.
Provides ideas for creating an environment and using activities to foster cognitive development in children from ten months through two years of age.
An examination of the ways that play can facilitate children's language development.
The first year of your child's life is filled with crucial baby language development. From cooing to clapping, find out how you can help your little one gain valuable language skills to help with communication down the road.
An overview of the process that a child goes through in learning language and the rules that govern speech.
Browse developmental milestones birth to 1 educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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