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Lists examples of responsive care and education practices that focus on supporting the emotional needs of infants and toddlers.
Children's babbling and scribbling are important stages in both oral and written language. Read more about the 5 categories along the normal language
Learning the meaning of words and their appropriate use is a developmental piece of language acquisition that begins in early childhood.
Check out this article for a comprehensive overview of developmental milestones from age 0-12.
In order for a child's brain to develop in the best possible way, parents should focus on encouraging certain activities like interacting with people. How do
Social relationships begin at birth.  Here is a discussion of attachment and healthy social behaviors among infants.
Developmental delays are classified in the areas of cognitive, speech and language, physical, social-emotional development, or health impairments. The article
From birth on children learn about their environments and communicate with family members. What they are learning is reflected in the ways they vocalize.
Lullabies from the greatest composers and spontaneous melodies sung and hummed by loving caregivers have brought comfort and sleep to countless babies.
A list of typical gross motor development milestones from birth to six-year-olds.
This article discusses the language development in young children.  It also talks about Piaget and Vygotsky's theories on children's language development.
Babies don't come with an instruction manual—even though parents often wish they did. New parents often find themselves overwhelmed with old wives' tales about babies, so which advice should you follow? Find out here.
When you find yourself with a new bundle of joy, it's no surprise you want him close. Between midnight feedings and bleary-eyed diaper changes, co-sleeping with baby can sound like a great idea. But is it right for you?
Those first weeks of parenthood can seem like something from The Twilight Zone, when there's no day or night, just endless streams of feeding, burping and sleeping. New parents start feeling like zombies, . . .
Overviews concepts learned in the first two years of life including Piaget's logico-mathematical knowledge and schemas.
Examines how an infant's and young child's social interaction with adults is a major factor in language acquisition.
Your baby is approaching the all-important one year mark and he's loud, proud and, at times, out of control. Use his blossoming independent streak to facilitate growth with these toddler development activities.
Nursery games aren't just adorable songs and hand movements for your bundle of joy to master; they allow you the chance for some serious bonding time with your baby. Check out our favorite sing-along activities to play!
Browse developmental milestones birth to 1 educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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