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Provides an overview of how language development begins. Summarizes theories and the sequence of how children learn language.
Breastfeeding's often touted as a blissful bonding experience for mama and baby, but the reality is often more complicated than expected. Avoid and treat these common nursing problems with these tips.
Guidelines for assessing temperament in infants and toddlers.  Examples and suggestions for parents and educators are provided.
Becoming a parent is probably the most life changing experience you'll ever have—and that's terrifying. Quell your worries with our expert advice for new parents.
As you near the end of your baby's first year, all of the skills he's been learning are put to the test. Learn what to expect in terms of walking, talking and eating with these 11 month milestones.
Provides a list of six stages for children's early vocal development including the reflexive, cooing, babbling, and single word production stage.
Piaget's four stage of cognitive development spanning birth through adulthood.
Your little one is on the move, meaning she's seeing and learning new things every day. Help cultivate her curiosity about the world, and learn what to expect with these 8 month milestones.
Crawling, teething, and endless conversation are only three of the new skills your baby's mastered this month. Find out what else to expect with these 7 month milestones.
The article discusses the characteristics of the infant's developmental stage including their physical growth and brain development.
Your baby's turning 6 months old, and you've reached a huge milestone too: surviving parenthood for half of the first year. Have the camera ready for these monumental 6 month milestones.
Your blossoming baby is part comedian, part fire alarm, and part monkey by now. As she grows, she learns new skills every day. Learn what to expect of her budding development with these 5 month milestones.
Your tiny genius is picking up new things every day, and this month is no exception. Help her hone developing skills by knowing what to expect with these 9 month milestones.
The article discusses the transitional stages of the neonatal period.
An overview of the physical changes that take place in each stage of childhood from infancy through adolescence.
Happy birthday! Your little baby is already turning one, and a new year brings a host of new skills and capabilities. Learn what to expect with these 12 month milestones.
Lists seven irreducible needs of young children that are necessary for them to survive and thrive.
An overview of children's language development from their first words through their ability to use appropriate syntax and grammatical morphemes.
Browse developmental milestones birth to 1 educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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