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Rough and tumble play helps children learn about their bodies and the world, and prepares them for learning. But how much is too much?
As you near your baby's first birthday, he hardly resembles that helpless bundle placed in your arms just 10 short months ago. Find out what to expect from your almost-toddler with these 10 month milestones.
More special needs students are being included in the 'regular' classroom. Here's how parents can help to their kids to appreciate their special needs peers.
The modern Olympics are widely enjoyed today, but how much can you tell your child about the history of the Ancient Olympics? Here's a cheat sheet!
What are the benefits of letting children go barefoot? You might be surprised. Here's what you need to know about the benefits of bare feet in children.
Does your child love to dance? Does he or she start to move just hearing music? Maybe its time for ballet!
Here are ten homework tips to take the stress out of homework for the ADHD child.
Remember that parents were once graduates too! Celebrate your child's graduation by throwing a 'throw back' party that pays homage to the year you graduated.
Running out of steam on a hot summer's day? Gather your kids or the whole neighborhood and make a backyard circus!
Celebrate your soon to be high schooler's happy trails, as she moves from middle school to high school. Throw her and her friends a camp out graduation party!
Help your child pay homage to her years of hard work in school as she celebrates the next step in her academic life. Throw her a Remember When Graduation Party!
You've got spirit, yes you do! Celebrate your grad's momentous achievement by paying homage to her alma mater and showing your school spirit!
Looks at Jeanne Chall's six developmental stages in reading, beginning with prereading in kindergarten to construction and reconstruction reading in adulthood.
Parental input and developmental history are very important components of making an accurate diagnosis. Learn more about Diagnostic Tools and Screening
Is your child ready for kindergarten? Learn about the key developmental milestones he will ideally have reached by the time he starts school.
Learn about common causes of (and interventions for) aggressive behavior, including developmental factors, media influences, and social skills deficits.
Examines the relationship of theory to social play including cognitive-developmental theory, psychosocial theory, and sociocultural theory.
This article provides a general guide to what kinds of video games really help improve your child's academic skills at various developmental stages versus
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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