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Very active children can present challenges to parents and teachers.  But they're not 'problem' children, they just need extra support from those around them.
Fibbing, bending the truth, telling tall tales: in other words, lying.  What to do when your child stops telling the truth.
Even the most even-tempered little kid can have the occasional meltdown. Here's what parents can do to soothe tantrums.
You would never wash your child's mouth out with soap, but you wouldn't mind if he cleaned up his act.  How to deal with a potty mouth.
Dining etiquette isn't about showing off or following an arcane set of rules; it's about making mealtime more pleasant for everybody.  How to teach manners.
What to do when that verbose little one of yours shouts the 's-word' (or worse)?  Parenting tips and tricks for dealing with a potty mouth.
Here are a few parenting strategies that will help your preschooler make better choices.
When children do something hurtful we tend to make them apologize. But it isn't saying 'I'm sorry' that children need to learn so much as it is feeling sorry.
A list of five principles of behavior management that professionals should follow to assist children in displaying behaviors that are conducive to learning.
Guidelines on fifteen ways parents can have positive interactions with their children. Parents need to guide, support, lead, and teach their children.
Summarizes several behavior problems that typically occur among preschoolers during their development, including eating, sleeping and elimination problems.
Teaching manners to your children can be tricky. Help your wild child become a little lady with these tips from Miss Manners, Elise McVeigh.
Your kid is kicking and screaming in a full-blown tantrum again, and you're at the end of your rope. Find out how to stop tantrums before they start.
'Go to your room' are four of the most common words a stressed parent says to their kid during a naughty episode. Isolation may be instinct, but does time out discipline really work? Find out now.
The early childhood years means an onslaught of the 'big three' discipline problems. Stop tantrums, fussing, and whining with these 'No Cry Discipline' tips.
Toddlers are known for being uncooperative and fiercely independent. Tame your tiny tyrant with these helpful 'No-Cry Discipline' tips to promote cooperation.
Find out what you can do to help your child when she says she hates school. Here are some common problems and some tips.
Power struggles with toddlers take many parents by surprise. In the blink of an eye, your sweet, happy baby has been replaced with an impossible handful. So, what are the triggers, and how do you deal? Find out.
Browse discipline educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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