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Read how a child's brain develops during infancy and early childhood and how parents and caregivers can help develop children's intelligence.
Highlights the milestones of motor development in three month periods for children aged zero to one.
Families have an important role in meeting the educational and developmental needs of their children.
Analysis of the importance of secure attachment between parents and infants and toddlers and its impact on children's social-emotional development, self-esteem
Here are some key action steps for parents and students to help organize and make sense of the college admissions process.
Summarizes early literacy theories and approaches. Describes how teachers incorporate a balance of research-based strategies to approach literacy development.
Summarizes the importance of literacy development in preschool and kindergarten and lists important components that should be included in early literacy
Getting ready for second grade?  What parents can expect this year.
Want to help your preschooler build strong self-esteem early? Here's how to help.
A discussion of the benefits that come along with families being involved in their young child's education.
Giving children an appreciation for art encourages exploration, imagination, and creativity. Here's how to get started building art appreciation for kids.
Here are some sleep schedule changes you can expect after your child's first birthday, as well as tips for helping your baby catch the z's he needs.
Provides a list of what research and theory has documented the value of music to be in young children’s growth and learning including its impact on cognitive
Learn what behavioral milestones to look for as your kid gets ready to move up to the next grade level.
Examines issues associated with standardized tests and authentic assessments that can be used to provide insights into childrenâs development and learning.
Includes a list of the most important environmental concerns for keeping children safe in their environment.
Now that your little one has seen her second birthday, the baby gates are up and you constantly find yourself chasing your toddler around the house. Pent-up energy is released through playing, talking . . .
Emergent literacy research suggests that children benefit from experiences with print beginning at a very young age.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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