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We've cracked open hundreds of new titles to bring you this list of fail-safe favorites for first grade summer reading.
Wondering what will happen in your fifth grader's language arts curriculum?  Here's a guide to what your child's academic life will be like.
In search of some engrossing summer reads for your second grader? Look no further! We've combed the shelves for this solid gold list of second grade titles.
Picture a fourth grader immersed in a book or journal. Was the child you imagined male or female?  You probably saw a girl รข and your guess was probably right.
Fourth grade math is about skill building and growth. Know where your child should be in math before and after fourth grade.
Learn what your child should be able to do at the beginning and end of first grade reading.
If your child suddenly developed a me-first, gimme-gimme attitude once first grade hit, it's not a coincidence. Learn why first grade is the year that finishing first becomes first priority to children, and find out how you can deal with it.
An expert guide to the mental development of second graders.
Getting ready for fourth grade?  A comprehensive look at what parents can expect this year.
Got a sibling rivalry brewing at home? This article reveals the five most common reason your kids fight with each and what you can do about it.
Expert parenting advice on keeping boys and girls fit and healthy in the third grade.
Expert parenting advice on how to help your fourth or fifth grader navigate his first independent school project.
For many students second grade is a time of leaps and bounds in PE class. Here's a checklist of new movement abilities that second graders are exploring.
Tickle your child's funny bone with this collection of family-friendly jokes! From puns to riddles, this collection of kids' jokes has something for every kind of child.
Wondering about your third grader's social life?  Here's the skinny on what's going on.
To give your kid supplemental practice that she'll enjoy, check out our list of the 10 best third grade apps! 3rd grade math apps focus on basic geometric concepts, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and puzzle solving. 3rd grade reading apps include Mad Libs and more.
Helping your second grader practice math at home can be a great way to boost her math skills at school. Here's how to get started.
Browse elementary school educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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