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Creating confident, responsible, and principled individuals is Scouting's mission - and a parent's goal. Here's how to give your child's life skills a boost:
Moving your family and children to a new town or new house can be a difficult change for kids. Here are nine ways to make it easier.
Did it ever occur to you that you have one of the best tools for teaching compassion in your household? That's right -- Fido and Fluffy!
Highlights aspects of preschool social development like parallel play, negotiating social skills, friendships, and understanding how behavior impacts others.
This article discusses the different theories of child development including maturational theory, psychoanalytic theory, behaviorist theory, and more.
Examines the relationship of theory to social play including cognitive-developmental theory, psychosocial theory, and sociocultural theory.
Did you hear the one about the class clown who giggled her way to better health and stronger relationships?  Keeping the laughter in your child's life.
The pressure to conform isn't necessarily negative.
Using positive verbal guidance, modeling behavior you want your child to follow, and reinforcing appropriate behavior are all positive guidance techniques.
Examines how kids with visual and hearing impairments interact with peers, how their disabilities limit social experiences, and feelings of social competence.
Should you let your kid light a fire? Play with knives? Dismantle your appliances? Gever Tulley of the summer program The Tinkering School, says yes.
Important social and emotional deficits characteristic of children with autism include a lack of joint attention skills and showing less empathy.
Media reportage of school violence can cause stress and trauma, especially in younger children. So how can parents help their children cope with the news?
Kids develop at different rates, one child might be ready to tango while another is learning to walk.  Here's a guide to some common childhood milestones.
Gender differences in cognitive, social, and personal characteristics have been investigated since the early 1900s, but similarities outweigh the differences.
Diagnosing autism can be tricky. But, as one mother attests, an accurate diagnosis can mean early intervention and recovery.
Tips on how to make a move to a new town easier on your kids. From easing the transition, to how to talk about it, here are some tips on helping them cope.
Browse social emotional development educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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