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This article explores how community partnerships help link children with the outside world and teach kids about water and the environment.
Five outdoor activities to get children outside in their own environment and investigate nature around them. Lists good picture books for the activities.
This article presents fun outdoor activities for parents and kids to do together. Rocks can teach kids about nature and the environment.
Lots of ideas for nature activities for middle school girls. Includes games and bonding activities for moms and tween daughters.
Why are kids so disconnected from nature, and how can you get your kids to go outside? This article explains all and includes great backyards games.
The more you know about your local community, the better able you will be to reduce your impact on the environment. Some tips to get to know your environment.
Raising insects at home is a fun way to learn about life cycles, the ecosystem, and metamorphosis. This article presents some great tips for butterflies and
Learn about a community program that teaches urban teens to appreciate nature and foster their environmental awareness, scholarship, and stewardship.
A mother and daughter reflect on their experiences with nature, and how the parents laid the foundation for their daughter's later discoveries in the outdoors.
A minister's reflection on the healing powers of nature for restoring children's and adult's spirits. Tips for getting kids outdoors.
With over 200 citizen science projects, ordinary adults and their children can collect data that supports scientific studies and local policymaking.
A few simple tips and suggestions to make a trip to the wet, wonderful world of a stream, pond, river, or sea shore safe, memorable, educational, and, fun!
Field guides let you know the favorite foods of the animals or the flowering times of plants. Pre-readers can use illustrated field guides to identify common
The article discusses the multiple benefits of school gardening for students, teachers, schools, and communities.
Browse green living educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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