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In the flurry of activity that follows your baby's birth, many things become less important. However, being a top-notch parent means taking care of yourself after birth. Here are our tips for a successful postpartum healing.
When you brought home your first baby, you had all the time in the world to get adjusted to your new life together. With baby number 2, new baby jealousy may settle in. Here's tips on helping your toddler adjust to being a big brother.
Looking for father-child activity ideas? We've got fun age-appropriate activities to strengthen the relationship between father and child.
This article discusses that facts and myth about blended families.
Young and old thrive when resources are used to bring the generations together rather than separate them. The power of connecting the generations is realized
Describes a number of important family characteristics that may affect students in the classroom including divorce, ethnic diversity, and extended families.
Examines the role of gender, stress, sibling relationships, and parental style on the development of a young child's temperament.
The Latino population is the largest and fastest growing minority group in the US. Strategies to ensure successful Latino students.
Mixed-race teens living in small, rural communities often have difficulties feeling they fit in. Here are strategies to help.
A mother and daughter reflect on their experiences with nature, and how the parents laid the foundation for their daughter's later discoveries in the outdoors.
Compares and contrasts how mothers and caregivers facilitate language development in young children and how this is affected by cultural and socioeconomic
Families have an important role in meeting the educational and developmental needs of their children.
Discusses various family structures and the associated risk factors and protective factors that may be related to a child or family's well being.
Encouragement and boundaries are the cure for ailing parent/child relationships.
Learn the do's and don'ts of disciplining your child.
Children, like adults, have disagreements with others from time to time. Here are some guides for teaching conflict resolution.
Special needs kids face plenty of special challenges and so do their siblings. Learn strategies for supporting the sublings of special needs kids.
How can dads who are often at a distance from their kids keep the communication lines open? Here are some communication ideas for dads at a distance.
Browse family issues educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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