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Take a weekend outing without taking out a loan! These family activities don't cost a penny.
Here are six museums to visit that are rich in learning opportunities, but aren't spread across acres or up three floors.
Got a kid who's never been camping before? Ease her fears with this collection that shows getting closer to nature can be fun and a precious memory.
It's never fun to be cramped in a car for hours at a time. Check out our collection of fun road trip printables, perfect for passing time during long car rides.
If the thought of another family 'vacation' has you frazzled, here are some tips to save you time and money.
Here are 5 games to stop boredom in its tracks and keep the whining to a minimum on that family road trip.
Children love to play outdoors. Here's a list of great outdoor activities that will keep the mind and body in top form this summer.
Whether you plan to sleep in a tent or a cabin, leaving the comforts of home can be an adventure in and of itself with your preschooler.  Here's what to do.
The 'Little House on the Prairie' books made Laura Ingalls Wilder a favorite children's author. Visit her historic homesteads for an educational adventure.
Whether you're a wilderness guide or an urban cowboy, the thought of taking your kids camping may give you pause. Here's what you need to know:
There are two ways to study history. Memorizing facts from textbooks, or the fun way!  Here's a guide to living history museums.
Whether your child's a history buff or an archeologist-in-training, ghost towns may be just the off-the-beaten-path field trip your family's been looking for.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day marks the perfect opportunity to explore the history and context of the Civil Rights Movement. Here are some notable landmarks:
Are you feeling a little burned out? Maybe it's time to schedule a one day beach getaway for yourself. Here's how.
If you're a parent looking to foster an interest in all things interplanetary, you're in luck: here are five family-friendly NASA destinations.
Need a few ways to keep that active preschooler of yours happy and entertained during your next road trip?  Here are some ideas!
Browse family vacations educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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