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A discussion of materials that can be used to help develop a child's fine motor skills.
When it comes to speech and motor development, why not take some tips from the insiders who know best?
Principles of development help move along the discussion of nature vs. nurture. Read this scientific explanation of principles of development in young children.
Summarizes how preschoolers will refine and develop abilities in their gross-motor, fine-motor, and perceptual-motor skills.
Build up your child's dexterity and improve his small muscle movements with these great tips.
Summarizes the four phases of developmental progression that children experience during the acquisition of motor skills.
Your sweet bundle of joy has turned into a babbling ball of energy by the time he hits the 4 to 6 month mark. Help him hone important skills for growth and learning with these baby development activities.
Independent eating is more than a break from playing 'airplane' spoon, it's an important milestone. Here are 8 toddler foods to help your little one eat all by herself—and help her develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, to boot!
Examines how motor skills are an essential component of many areas of child development including social skills, emotional regulation, and cognitive abilities.
Discusses the considerable growth in the area of physical development that three to five year olds experience including growth in both fine and gross motor
Examines how participation in music activities can enhance the physical, language, social-emotional, and cognitive development of young children.
These 12 tips will help get your child ready for this new stage of life.
Promoting physical activity, allowing practice with small-muscle skills and providing nutritious food and rest for children can increase positive behavior.
Examines how exposure to art can increase children's artistic knowledge while enhancing their emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development.
As soon as your child develops his motor skills, he'll be showing you his dominant hand. What should you do if it's his left one?
Describes the early learning and child development framework from the Head Start program. It lists the 11 domain and sub elements of children's development.
Suggests some activities for parents to play with their children to enrich the cognitive development and mind of a three to four year old child.
Summarizes the importance of a rich musical environment in the early years and how rhythm and movement, listening to music and singing develops in young
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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