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An article that discusses the social, intellectual, and personality developments that characterize adolescence.
An article that discusses the intellectual, social, and personality developments that characterize middle childhood.
During middle and late childhood, kids are pragmatists: they're concerned with how things work, rather than with why they work or how well they work.
What can you do to help your sensitive child prepare for the new school year? Here are a few expert tips.
Characteristics of quality child care include structural elements (e.g. the teacher-child ratio) and process elements (curriculum, teacher quality, etc.).
Children with mental retardation tend to have trouble learning, developing skills and reaching developmental milestones at later ages than other children.
Bullying incidents tend to involve three groups: Bullies, Victims, and Bystanders. Before intervening, it's important to understand the nature of each.
An overview of signs of attention deficit disorder.
Read about Arnold Gesell's established norms or typical behaviors of children, categorized into ten major areas called gradients of growth.
Bullying is a problem that can't be solved by saying 'boys will be boys' we need new strategies to combat the age old problem of bullying.
Learn about the social, emotional, physical and intellectual milestones of children in your child's age group.
Math achievement problems are usually due to a combination of teaching and student factors including language, cognitive, and motor difficulties.
At least by age four, preschoolers gradually form their perceptions about their friends and peers.
The term communication disorders encompasses a wide variety of problems in language, speech, and hearing. This article defines them.
Listed patterns of behavior of children with emotional and behavioral disorders that depart significantly from the expectations of others.
Here are signs that your child might be at risk on-line, plus what to do if you suspect a relationship with a predator.
Discusses the characteristics of social studies curriculum today and how it has been shaped.
Making the jump to kindergarten is a huge milestone for children. They are well aware that they are growing up, and they're eager to learn new things and take on new responsibilities. But while their school lives are moving faster than ever, they are still at an early stage of emotional development, which can make kindergarten a complicated, confusing time—for you and your kid. Learn what emotional characteristics you can expect, and get a few tips on what you can do about them.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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