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Are they gifted or learning disabled? Maybe the answer is both.
Critics of NCLB believe that the law's emphasis on skills, standards and test scores may have a serious downside, especially for gifted children.
This article discusses the characteristics of mental retardation and giftedness, two attributes at opposite ends of the intelligence spectrum.
Describes the term 'exceptional children' and differentiates children with: learning and/or behavior problems, physical disabilities, and gifted children.
Is your child is gifted? There are many education resources and programs to help parents guide their children to reach their full potential.
Due to isolation from peers, gifted children and bullying often go hand in hand. Here's how to prevent your exceptional kid from being (or becoming) a bully.
The guidelines stated here may be useful to parents and educators who wish to explore mentor relationships for gifted youngsters.
This article provides some insights to understand the basic needs and differences of highly gifted children and provides a few practical suggestions.
During the early years of adolescence, gifted young people encounter several potent obstacles, read here for details and some coping strategies.
An introduction to giftedness in children and suggestions for modifications that should be used with these students in the classroom.
Do you wonder whether your student or child is gifted?  Provided are some classroom behaviors that may indicate giftedness.
The instruments selected for studies should be valid and reliable. Learn more about validity, reliability and norming samples.
Provided is a list of common intellectual, emotional and physical traits of highly gifted students.
Although many individuals are influential in the lives of young children, this position statement targets those who care for and are responsible for teaching
Learn how you can help your child develop and enhance their leadership abilities. Great tips and ideas to support your child.
Gifted students with disabling conditions remain a major group of underserved and understimulated youth. The focus on accommodations for their disabilities may
ADHD and Giftedness: What do Parents Need to Know? In this article, major themes from a seminar are highlighted as tips to parents.
Browse gifted children educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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