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A visit to the dentist rates up there with a visit to the accountant at tax time - inconvenient and painful.  How to get your child ready for 'Dr. Floss.'
Ergonomics and school. Parenting advice on how to create homework spaces and work habits that help your child.
Here are some techniques for helping your child overcome homework anxiety.
Between the vaccines and the canceled field trips are a lot of anxious kids wondering what's going on. What should you tell your child?
Want to pack a healthy lunch? Help your kid resist temptation, with smart snacks and a few sinful stand-ins that only SEEM like junk food. Guilt-free lunch!
Go green with your family and do something cool for a hot planet.
The pressure to throw the perfect birthday party can be overwhelming  for parents. Here's how to throw a stress-free party, plus ideas for themed parties.
The latest statistics indicate that kids today are more overweight than they have ever been before. What's a parent to do?
Children love to play outdoors. Here's a list of great outdoor activities that will keep the mind and body in top form this summer.
What are the benefits of letting children go barefoot? You might be surprised. Here's what you need to know about the benefits of bare feet in children.
Blacktop hopscotch and kickball games may soon go the way of slates and abacuses in public schools.  How parents can help save recess.
New studies show that some women of 25 already have the bone-loss of a 75 year-old. What's going on?
If you are concerned about your child developing unhealthy eating habits, or gaining excess weight, it might be time to put them on a television diet.
Here's some great gear to help kids (and parents) cope with bedwetting.
You can’t please all the people all the time, as the saying goes. But that’s just what today’s girls feel they’re being asked to do.
Where do sports fit in when it comes to education? Here are some parenting tips about how to manage team time, and help your child find a love of sports.
Get some need-to-know info gluten sensitivity along with some tips on how to make stay happy and healthy while being gluten free.
Giving kids an excuse to exercise is reason enough to consider enrolling them in team sports.  But there are other benefits: social, emotional, and physical.
Browse childhood physical health educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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