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Your teen is poised for collegiate success with strong academic and extracurricular records ... right? Learn the basic life skills every teen should know.
Discusses in depth the 5 skills that students need to acquire to do better in science: acquisitive, organizational, creative, manipulative, and communicative.
High school graduation is a big deal, but a new study shows that a good chunk of students are unprepared for life after high school. What gives?
Getting outside help for your high schooler has become mainstream. But, how do you get the best help?
There are some simple tricks for the SAT that every test taker should have that don't cost a thing. Here are some quick tips to help your teen ace the test.
New voices are calling for the return of shop class. Here's why shop class matters for your child.
A growing number of high school seniors are deciding to take a breather, or a gap year, before heading to the dormitory. Here are 11 great options.
Teenage driving is one of the most anxiety-ridden experiences you'll go through as a parent. And frankly, you should feel nervous. Get the scoop on what's really happening when your teen gets behind the wheel.
The experience of stress during the college application process is inevitable - for both teens and their parents. Here are some guidelines to make this a
Find out what teachers recommend your teens and adolescents read to get them ready for school.
Transitioning from high school to college poses a major shift for everyone.  There are ways to relieve both your separation anxiety and your child's stress.
Does your teen need (or want) a fifth year of high school?  A parents' guide to understanding the post-graduate year.
This article examines the benefits and disadvantages of participation in extra-curricular activities and jobs for teens.
The Math SAT contains Computations, Algebra, Probability, Functions, and Geometry. Here are five practice problems that demonstrate each type of question.
Here are some suggestions for using your child's cell phone as a learning device.
Here are a list of options to consider when your child decides not to attend college.
Parenting is tough work. What should you expect from a teenager in terms of manners? Here's what's reasonable for a high schooler, and how to teach it.
Ed Carroll, Executive Director of High School Programs for the Princeton Review, gives these tips on how to ace the SAT.
Browse high school educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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