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Auditory learners learn best by hearing information and using self-talk, but how do you know if your child is an auditory learner? Education.com has the answer!
Today's tweens are more accustomed to the drone of electronics than to the buzz of the great outdoors. Here are some ideas to regulate their exposure.
Most will have holiday homework this December. Here are some tips for helping your child complete their assignments, and also enjoy the season.
Ergonomics and school. Parenting advice on how to create homework spaces and work habits that help your child.
Here are teacher tips for parents on getting their child test-ready in a timely fashion.
In today's classrooms, boys seem to be struggling to follow-through with homework. So how can you help them get organized and on track?
Middle school can be a challenge for even the best of students. Here are four great ways to get your child organized for success.
A theme is an idea or message about life, society, or human nature. And it is often the most hardest element for a middle schooler to identify in a book.
A middle school writing aide's perspective on how to get students to see the 'big picture.'
Studies show that kids who spend time consistently on regularly assigned, meaningful homework do better in school. Here's how parents can help:
Here's how to help your child plan, research, and organize her upcoming research project or long paper.
Parents see it, and experts agree: many, many middle school boys have a terrible time staying organized. Try these tips for staying sane.
In middle school, study skills are key. But how are kids supposed to know where to start?
School kids learn better when their parents help. Here's how to tell if educational resources like workbooks fit your child's program.
Here are a few key ingredients that can make homework time tolerable, successful and even enjoyable for your child.
Here's a sampling of frequent teacher feedback, particularly for an expository paper, personal narrative, persuasive essay, or short story
Here is a technique that you can use to make spelling practice easier for your child.
Is your child in a homework rut?  Here are some tried and true pointers, to get them off on a better foot.
Browse homework help educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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