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Whether you call it slow parenting, simplicity parenting or free-range parenting, this article will teach you what it's all about.
Here's our list of the most awesome science activities for summer.
Take a weekend outing without taking out a loan! These family activities don't cost a penny.
Weather outside too daunting to leave the house? No problem! Make these great indoor games without a trip to the store, and bring summertime fun to winter.
Healthy eating during the holidays is hard for everyone, especially children. Teach your child how to stay healthy this holiday season with these eight tips.
Use the holidays as a learning opportunity. Here are nine ways to teach your child proper gift giving and gift getting etiquette this holiday season.
This holiday, set aside a little time to practice gratitude, empathy and thoughtfulness with your family with these 11 ways to remember what truly matters.
Looking for a good gift for a preschool aged child? These board games work on key skills that get kids ready for kindergarten, plus they're just plain fun!
Whether you plan to sleep in a tent or a cabin, leaving the comforts of home can be an adventure in and of itself with your preschooler.  Here's what to do.
Rock collecting is the perfect way to learn about our planet and the way it works.
Letterboxing is a great way to go on an outdoor treasure hunt that combines creativity, problem-solving and family friendly fun.
Want to make sure your kids will spend time reading this summer? Kick off the summer with a homemade neighborhood book festival!
Here are 8 great outdoor games to make your next picnic an exciting event.
The party favor has gotten big.  Really big.  Why not scrap a big bag of plastic toys for a smaller, cooler favor that won't get thrown away.
Are fairy tales really beneficial to a child's development? Find out what the experts have to say.
Introduce your child to the history behind Independence Day. Here's how to build learning opportunities this 4th of July.
The modern Olympics are widely enjoyed today, but how much can you tell your child about the history of the Ancient Olympics? Here's a cheat sheet!
When someone picks up a piece of litter, walks instead of drives, recycles a tin can, or plants a tree, they make the planet a cooler, cleaner, and safer place for everyone.
Browse family inspiration educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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