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Forget about overcrowded theaters. Families can now watch movies in the backyard, no tickets required. Parenting advice about movies outdoors.
The humble egg comes into its own at Easter. Skip the store-bought stuff and try these homemade Easter-themed treats and activities!
Summer is festival season, the time when towns celebrate the ripest produce, regional cooking, and traditional hospitality. Check out these great food fests.
It's Teacher Appreciation Week. What can you do to show your appreciation? The answer is pretty simple.
Watching fireworks is an American family tradition. What if the special needs of a child makes this classic stressful or even impossible?
Unlike most adults, kids love to get their hands dirty. With this recipe, you can stew up their favorite fingerpaint colors, right in your own kitchen!
If your child dreams of being the next Indiana Jones, one of these archeology camps may be just the getaway she - and your lawn - needs.
Do you want to expose your children to World Cultures? With the help of some activities and products, learn what you need to do to create an international experience at home!
Working like a team of investigative journalists, you and your high schooler can use your birth dates to create personalized front pages of a newspaper.
Not every little one is chomping at the bit to learn to count to 100.  Unless you make it interesting.  Here's how to make math and science fun!
Want an activity to get the kids outside, help the ecosystem and improve the scenery in your backyard? Here's a guide for planting a butterfly garden.
Having trouble cutting loose when summer vacation rolls around?  Here are parenting tips on how to become an expert 'funologist.'
Why suffer through crowded trails and vistas, when you can visit a park that's virtually empty? We've got five national parks that are prime for exploration.
Women make up 46% of the American workforce, but they account for only 24% of jobs in science, technology, and engineering. Why the disparity?
Being introduced to graphs at an early age can help children to understand huge mathematical concepts such as comparing, and analyzing. So how can get started?
Nothing says summer like a blast of cool water, and a trip to a water park is the perfect way to celebrate the end of the school year.
Here are some easy projects to teach your child about the Civil War.
Should you let your kid light a fire? Play with knives? Dismantle your appliances? Gever Tulley of the summer program The Tinkering School, says yes.
Browse family inspiration educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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