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Kids love playgrounds, but Mother Nature provides something even better: miles of woods and fields to walk through. Find out the benefits of a good hike!
Cowboy play is still a great way to introduce kids to history, and have some fun to boot.
Cowboys, covered wagons, log cabins - what kid wouldn't be fascinated with our pioneer forebears?  How to help your child discover her inner pioneer.
Turn your childÃs fascination with knights or princesses into an opportunity to stretch their minds. WeÃve found the perfect set of books and games.
The principles American colonists fought for can be hard for children to understand. Try these fun projects to help your child learn American history.
Drive-ins are back with updated technology, and they're perfect for a family outing.
Kids love learning about the Boston Tea Party.  They understand being told what to do without being asked for input.  Here are some fun at-home activities.
Want to break out of the DVD-in-the-family-room rut?  Try Baby Loves Disco for your next family night!
Turn your yard into an animal-friendly hangout. You'll teach your kids an important lesson about environmental stewardship.
Are your family vacations in a rut?  This year, why not try an arts vacation?
Christmas Eve is just around the corner. And here at, we've got a mailbox full of goodies. Here are our picks for stuffing your kids' stockings.
These parent-child art creations mix the wonder of childhood with the artistic skill that comes with age. Check out this funny and fantastic parent-child art.
If the food bank is full and you want to do something more than making a donation, here are five ways to involve your family in service projects this year.
One way to create a bridge to the past is to recreate some of the sights, sounds and tastes Egyptian kids might have experienced all those years ago.
Even if budgets are tight this summer, you can still have a great time with your family. Here are three staycation ideas to get you started.
Want to boost literacy? Teach your child to imagine the unimaginable? Cultivate curiosity? Get thee to the theater, and bring your kids.
Browse family inspiration educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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