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Provides an example of an IEP for a second grade child with a specific learning disability.  Includes assessment information, goals and modifications.
Provides a list of common attributes between an Individualized Family Service Plan and an Individualized Education Plan for young children with special needs.
How do you ensure that your child's Independent Education Plan reflects her changing needs and abilities?
If you think your child is eligible for special education, these seven steps will help you get an Individualized Education Program (IEP) set up for your kid.
Summarizes the seven steps involved in the formation of an individualized education program, beginning with pre-referral and ending with evaluation and review.
Do you know how advocate for your autistic child at an IEP? Learn the rights and processes that IDEA has put in place for education for special needs kids.
Summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of home-based, center-based, and home-center service models to educate young children with special needs.
An overview of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
Comparative grades are inherently unfair to students with special needs. How, then, should we assign grades to special education students?
This article defines special education in terms of: interventions, instruction, features and settings.
A discussion of assessments that may be used in special education.
ELLs or students with limited English proficiency often get misclassified as students with disabilities. Learn about identifying and meeting the needs of ELLs.
Before you head to your next parent-teacher conference or IEP meeting, here are twenty-three common education acronyms that teachers throw around all the time.
The IDEA requires that if a student with disabilities exhibits problem behaviors that impede his or her learning or the learning of others, then the student’s
The world of special education seems to come with its own unique language.  Practical parenting tips on how to navigate the maze of special needs education.
Find out the key elements to create an appropriate educational environment for students with autism spectrum disorder. A look at the individuals with
If your child's teacher has suggested special education, then get set for a whole slew of acronyms, from FAPE to IEP. Wondering what it all means?
Educating child with autism is a challenge for both parents and teachers. Learn about the educational programs that can cater to each child's needs.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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