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Highlights three points about the relationship between intelligence test scores and school achievement.
Learn what IQ testing is all about and if your child should take one.
This article discusses the characteristics of mental retardation and giftedness, two attributes at opposite ends of the intelligence spectrum.
Here's what to look for if you suspect your student might be emotionally disturbed.
Find out about what tests are used to diagnose or help students with special needs.
Kids are being tested at an earlier age than ever before. Stay informed of nine preschool assessments.
Here are some DOs and DON'Ts about helping your child learn that math, like life, is less intimidating if we cultivate the right mindset.
Discusses the association between IQ and ADHD in children and the importance of controlling IQ and examining the essential performance and behavioral
Outlines various types of tests to evaluate development and detect problems including screening, diagnostic, language, and achievement tests.
Here's how you can encourage your child to do well without praising them the wrong way.
How can you know if grade-skipping is right for your child?
This article discusses the power and importance of intrinsic motivation for children, particularly those children living with learning disabilities.
Research shows that both heredity and the environment influence intelligence. This article delves into the details of both factors.
Do learning styles such as kinesthetic, auditory, and visual really exist? Find out what the learning style debate is all about.
Listed patterns of behavior of children with emotional and behavioral disorders that depart significantly from the expectations of others.
This article provides some insights to understand the basic needs and differences of highly gifted children and provides a few practical suggestions.
A discussion of assessments that may be used in special education.
The article describes powerful media vehicles, including printed materials, television, sound recordings, and the Internet and their influence on children.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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