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It may surprise you, but interactive games aren't all bad. In fact, video games can be educational! To help your child get the most out of her video game habit, teach her important life lessons and study skills that are embedded into every onscreen adventure.
Kids are reading more online than ever before. Is this a good thing?
Facebook has gone from strictly college students to social media moms sharing every waking moment of their child's life. Reign in your Facebook faux pas by brushing up on your social media etiquette.
Kids are using cell phones more and more at younger and younger ages. This brings plenty of new opportunities and conveniences, but also brings new dangers. Not only are children using social media more and venturing deeper into the Internet, but the materials and radiation of cell phones can be physically harmful. Read along to learn how to keep up with the times protect your child from the invisible health hazards of cell phones.
Here's a list of top television shows for preschoolers and kindergarteners recommended by the experts.
Crunching numbers isn't always easy; from counting and addition to multiplication and fractions, the elementary years build a solid foundation for math skills down the line. Give your kid a leg up with these educational (and super fun) math apps.
The summer slide, a term describing the loss of educational skills over vacation, means review come fall. Help your kid stay sharp with this roundup of apps, featuring math, geography, science and reading practice.
Popping up in approximately 2 million children, ADHD has the makings of a modern epidemic. Could the root of the problem be much time spent glued to the tube?
By the preschool years, most children are spending time on computers . But is it healthy for preschoolers to be interacting with computers?
In today's wired world, some moms love to share everything about their kid on Facebook; others hide their brood from the Internet. Where do you stand?
Is it appropriate for your child to âfriendâ a teacher on a social network?
Modern parenting in the digital age can be tricky. Learn how to navigate hi-tech issues with these ways that technology has changed parenting.
Here are some suggestions for using your child's cell phone as a learning device.
Fourth grades the year that the learning curve heats up! Kids graduate from rote reading to complex story comprehension, tackle multiple math operations and learn about new worlds to explore. To help you help your 4th grader succeed, has assembled an awesome collection of the best fourth grade apps, including our favorite reading and math apps for 4th graders. Check out these picks for learning tools guaranteed to stimulate interest and encourage independent thinking.
Preschool is the perfect time to begin exploring learning in a variety of ways. From the playground to the iPad, little learners are taught about everything from the alphabet and sharing to counting and comparing. Check out our picks for the best preschool apps on the market now.
Which computer applications are important to your teen's future, and which are distracting her from her homework? Here are the 10 tech skills your teen needs.
New research says that background television may be affecting your child's development.
Fifth grade is about more than just state capitals, decimals and probability; these tech-savvy kids are preparing to enter middle school. Help upper elementary students stay on top of their game with the best apps for 5th graders, including 5th grade math apps and 5th grade reading apps. These engaging, age-appropriate apps encourage learning in a fun, hands-on way.
Browse technology and your child educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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