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If you are looking for new lunch ideas, look no further than your child's bookshelf. Here are five food-inspired book picks, with recipes to match!
Celebrate the classically delicious combo of peanut butter and jelly by throwing a PB&J Party! With tons of nutty and fun ideas, your party is sure to be a hit!
Cowboys, covered wagons, log cabins - what kid wouldn't be fascinated with our pioneer forebears?  How to help your child discover her inner pioneer.
A three-course breakfast menu to start the day of graduation off right! Make your grad feel special with this delicious set of recipes.
Instead of just wearing green this day, why not eat green as well? We've created a meal that will have you seeing green throughout all three courses.
Since the Olympics will be hosted in Vancouver, this is an ideal month to cook Canadian style. Here's a bountiful meal that showcases Canada's favorite recipes.
Longing to taste the timeless sweetness of real maple syrup?  Why not make your own?
New nutrition guidelines announce that school meals need to reduce sodium, add fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and include a cap on calories.
Side dish leftovers can be transformed into delicious main dishes with these recipe ideas.
Here are some easy projects to teach your child about the Civil War.
Tofu has been popular in Asia for at least 2000 years, but if it's new to you, here are some tips on introducing it to your family.
If there's one thing every expert seems to agree on, it's the sanctity of the family dinner hour. It always helps to plan ahead.
It's Chinese New Year. And today, the ox is taking center stage. It's the Year of the Ox. Here's how your family can join the celebration.
Here are three pumpkin treats you can prepare and have on hand during your pumpkin carving festivities this Fall.
Make the most of what last night's Thanksgiving dinner has to offer and treat you family to a lightened-up version of Shepherd's Pie.
These kid- friendly Thanksgiving treats are so delectable, you might find the grow-ups trying to sneak a few tastes in too!
With a few simple twists like roasting your own pumpkin and adding some cream cheese, you'll have a new and improved crowd-pleaser on your Thanksgiving table.
Browse recipes and nutrition educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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