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Many youth sports injuries are more avoidable than you might think. Check out these tips.
How much is too much enrichment for a preschooler? Tips to keep activities fun and developmentally appropriate for your preschooler.
Everything you need to know about the growing problem of overuse injuries in children.
Increased pressure in schools to raise test scores has meant a sidelining of critical extracurricular activities for kids. Find out what parents can do to help.
Sports can be a way for kids to test their limits and learn patience and teamwork.  But what can parents do when their child wants to quit the team?
If energy drinks are part of your child's regular diet, a recent study indicates that your kids could be at risk.
Here are the do's and don'ts for scoring that athletic scholarship.
Tryouts for school sports teams and other clubs mean that while some will make the cut, others won't. Here how to help your child if he doesn't get chosen.
Is good sportsmanship a thing of the past? Here's how parents can cultivate a sense of sportsmanship in their child.
Where do sports fit in when it comes to education? Here are some parenting tips about how to manage team time, and help your child find a love of sports.
New studies show that some women of 25 already have the bone-loss of a 75 year-old. What's going on?
Giving kids an excuse to exercise is reason enough to consider enrolling them in team sports.  But there are other benefits: social, emotional, and physical.
The British Government wants every child to participate in five hours of sport every week. Would a push like this work in the United States and should it?
These four tips can help you head off hyper-competitiveness and teach your kids to strive for success in a healthy, positive way.
Here's how to make the Olympics a gold-medal learning experience!
Here's the expert advice you need to make learning how to swim stressfree.
The sun is shining, the days are long and your child is...playing video games? If you're looking to get your kid to ditch the Wii in favor of outdoor summer games, all you need is a rubber ball and imagination.
Team sports can teach a child how to win and lose gracefully and gain important skills.  How an overzealous parent can get in his child's way.
Browse sports and athletics educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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