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Toys come in all shapes and sizes, and range from simple classics like dollhouses and toy trucks to complex products designed to engage, amuse, and distract. But when faced with a toystore full of options, how's a parent to choose? Take a look at these five toys that stand the test of time.
Pick up some green toys for Earth Day ... or any day you'd like play the eco-friendly way! Here are our top 14 educational, green toys.
Stow the beeping doo-dads and get out the open-ended toys! Here are the top five best types of toy for creative play.
Scary toys are all the rage these days, and it's not all family-friendly fright. Here are some tips for handling scary toys and the kids who play with them.
Experts say parents should nurture their child's appreciation and enjoyment of music.
Looking for gifts that spark creativity and inspire imaginative thinking? We've got this year's greatest gifts for the creative genius in all of us.
What do kids learn from playing with Legos? Creativity and fine-motor skills are just the beginning.
New parents are bombarded with toy advice for their baby. Navigate through the conflicting tips with this list of the best toy characteristics to look for.
The last thing parents want around the house is another plastic toy that gets thrown aside after a few uses.  Why not give a gift that stands out?
Christmas Eve is just around the corner. And here at, we've got a mailbox full of goodies. Here are our picks for stuffing your kids' stockings.
In the spirit of Earth Day we present this year's list of green gifts: 18 toys, games, and books that are fun, safe, educational and environmentally on point.
Check out six awesome arts and crafts toys that were on display at the Toy Industry Association Toy Fair 2014. Creating, constructing, and building from scratch have not gone out of style. Despite a flood of beeping and blinking tech-centric products at this year’s Toy Fair, arts and crafts and do-it-yourself activity kits were well represented. Read on to see some of the most interesting offerings.
From squishy and slimy to simple and sweet—the science kits on display at this year’s Toy Industry Association Toy Fair covered all the bases. The products ranged from old-school anatomy and science experiment sets to cutting-edge construction kits. Here are a few of the products that stole the spotlight at Toy Fair 2014.
Examines how toys should be selected that stimulate the imagination, dramatic play, or creativity of children.  Find toy ideas in various developmental domains.
Read about play and academic materials that are useful for children ages six through ten.
What materials can your preschool or kindergarten-aged child play with that will help nurture their cognitive development?
Our society has become so fast paced and full of multi-tasking that play no longer seems to come naturally to adults or children, let alone seem important.
Browse toys educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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