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Here's a quick guide that will walk your preteen through writing a letter to your local politician.
Check out these 10 volunteering ideas that allow any kind of kid to help in a hands-on way and learn to love the feeling of giving back.
Increased pressure in schools to raise test scores has meant a sidelining of critical extracurricular activities for kids. Find out what parents can do to help.
Keep the giving spirit alive during the holidays! These five great ideas are easy for kids to do, and will help them learn that the holiday spirit is all about giving, not getting.
This holiday, set aside a little time to practice gratitude, empathy and thoughtfulness with your family with these 11 ways to remember what truly matters.
Encourage your child to solve a problem that's important to him with these eight service-learning projects for young children.
Climate change may one day define your child's generation. Here are 6 ways kids can help stop global warming.
What are civic engagement and service learning? Find how what it means for your child.
Encourage your child to contribute his time this summer to a worthwhile cause - through volunteering! Here's a beginner's guide to getting started.
In today's overextended world, it's more important than ever to up the recruiting ante. Here's a how-to guide for recruiting a fundraising dream team.
Is kindness quaint?  Why taking time out to teach your children 'random acts of kindness' is so important.
These days, access to test scores is a click of the mouse away, but critics argue that this information doesn't tell us much about the quality of the school.
There will come a time when your child will lie or cheat. He's only human.  Parents must set up a system of values, and then enforce those values every day.
When someone picks up a piece of litter, walks instead of drives, recycles a tin can, or plants a tree, they make the planet a cooler, cleaner, and safer place for everyone.
Philanthropy: the word conjures up images of wealth and power, but more and more kids are proving that you don't need to be Richie Rich to make a difference.
Make learning part of the fundraising process with educational fundraisers that are fun for the whole family.
Your child needs to know that there are consequences to the decisions he makes.    Here's how to teach decision-making skills to young kids.
It's important to remember the origins of Memorial Day.  Here are some ways for parents to teach their children to honor our nation's defenders.
Browse volunteering and citizenship educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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