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Is your child 'reading' by looking at the pictures for clues?  Should parents be concerned this isn't 'real' reading?  Of course not!
All kindergarteners wiggle and squirm.  But over the year, teachers expect them focus so that they can do big learning.  Read here to see how you can help.
Find out what kindergarteners are learning between April and June, and see how they can meet end-of-year standards with your support.
Here are the steps that emerging writers go through as they make their journey towards becoming fluent writers.
Math in the Fall of kindergarten centers around counting and recognizing numbers. Next, students move on to patterning, grouping, shape recognition, and time.
Now that your child's in kindergarten, get ready for a pile of paperwork! This year, there will be a lot to manage. Here are expert tips for keeping organized.
Should you separate your twins and send them to different classrooms? Or keep them together under one roof?
Getting a kid ready for the first day of kindergarten paves the way for a successful year. Here are five things to help ease their fears.
Is your child ready for kindergarten? Learn about the key developmental milestones he will ideally have reached by the time he starts school.
What prepares kids for kindergarten? A new study by the National Study for Education Statistics is out to answer that question.
Avoid drill-and-kill practice and prep your preschooler for the classroom with these fun outdoor activities.
Build up your child's dexterity and improve his small muscle movements with these great tips.
Why do many parents and teachers prefer all-day kindergarten programs?
Help your little one achieve these reading milestones.
Developmental age refers to a child's social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth and development.
Tips on building your kindergarten child's communication skills through conversation and active listening. Also find out how to effectively communicate with
Examines a number of important issues related to kindergarten education, including redshirting, high-stakes testing, and entrance age.
Explanation of alternative kindergarten programs developed to prepare students for increasingly rigorous academic expectations and a look at the issue of
Browse kindergarten readiness educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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