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You've spent the last five years prepping your child for school, but no matter how many times you've recited the ABC's, there are a number of things no one has told you about kindergarten.
Early reading learning has evolved from alphabet flashcards to smart device screens. Give your kid a leg up with this collection of stellar ABC apps that help preschoolers and kindergarteners master reading readiness basics such as letter recognition, phonics and comprehension skills. These pre-literacy tools give children a hands-on experience that offers a variety of ways to teach skills to every kind of learner.
Wondering what will happen in your kindergartener's math curriculum?  Here's a guide to what your child's academic life will be like.
Here are a few expert pointers to keep in mind the next time you read with your child.
Are you having difficulty talking to your kindergartener?  Here's expert parenting advice to make it a little easier for both you and your child.
What exactly is phonics?  How to use the relationship between letters and sounds to help your budding reader.
Educators use milestones as possible indicators for learning disabilities. Here is a list of red flags to look out for in kindergarten.
Is kindergarten the new first grade? Here's what you need to know about what's expected in each key subject area, and how you can help your child succeed.
When it comes to kindergarten, you know the expectations for reading, writing, and math. But what about behavior? Here's what teachers expect from students.
Expert advice from a school psychologist on how parents can better understand their kindergartener.
Sometimes kindergarteners just aren't ready for first grade. Should your child repeat kindergarten? Here are some things to consider.
These 50 books, both old and new, make a top-notch reading that young kinders shouldn't miss.
There is an increasing population of male students who have developed a distaste for school. What's changed in American education over the past 30 years?
Looking to boost early literacy in your young reader? These 7 simple teacher tips make for educational storytime that will help your child learn to read.
You've read the kindergarten readiness checklist and your child has been doing everything on it for over a year now. Will kindergarten be too easy?
Expert parenting advice on how to deal with everyday power struggles between parents and kindergarteners.
Make kindergarten readiness simple! This article lists the 10 kindergarten readiness skills your child needs and how you can help teach them.
Browse kindergarten educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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