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Help your child along towards reading fluency with these easy and enjoyable activities.
Get information on standardized testing, plus sample test questions for kindergarteners.
Try these practical tips from a veteran teacher, to make kindergarten graduation as smooth as possible and keep meltdowns to a minimum.
In October, kindergarteners are starting to get down to the business of letters,  numbers, and group citizenship that is Big Kid School.  See what to expect.
Parenting advice on how to teach your kindergartener the basic fundamentals of etiquette.
What happens in math at the end of kindergarten? Here are the top 6 topics teachers typically cover, plus a list of skills kids need to master by year's end.
Wondering what's in store for your kindergarten child this Fall, in terms of reading? Here are the foundational skills every teacher teaches early in the year.
Here is a checklist to help you determine if your child has sensory processing disorder.
Can your kid tie his shoes? Brush his teeth? As kids move to kindergarten, they're expected to do more on their own. These 7 things encourage independence.
Unimpressed with your child's new kindergarten teacher? Here's some advice from the pros on how to handle things.
Most experts agree that while children are curious about difference, they learn prejudice from others.  Here are some parenting tips to help promote tolerance.
Every parent of a teenager understands the relevance of appropriate friends. But what about young children?
An expert parenting guide to understanding your kindergartener's speech development.
Back to School Night is the instruction manual to kindergarten, and a glimpse into the goals and expectations of the year. Make the most of it. Here's how.
Here's a breakdown of what a kindergartener should be able to do physically, so you can keep your child on track:
From great questions to ask your child, to important points to emphasize, here are five easy steps to get the most out of reading aloud.
Want to begin teaching your child to read, but don't know where to start? Begin at the beginning, with something teachers call 'concepts about print'.
Browse kindergarten educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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