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As kooky as some childhood rhymes are, they may actually have a serious role in child development.  Here's how to use rhyme to help kids learn to read.
Experts say that there are 3 major things that prepare children to read. Learn what they are and how to incorporate them into your child's day.
Should you separate your twins and send them to different classrooms? Or keep them together under one roof?
The first day of kindergarten is a recipe for incredible anticipation mixed with a tummy full of butterflies.  How to make the most of this special day.
Now that your child's in kindergarten, get ready for a pile of paperwork! This year, there will be a lot to manage. Here are expert tips for keeping organized.
Getting a kid ready for the first day of kindergarten paves the way for a successful year. Here are five things to help ease their fears.
With research and determination you can get your kindergartener the services she needs to be successful in school, from the very beginning. Here's how:
The weeks before kindergarten can be a high-stress time.  Here are some practical ideas on how to reduce the anxiety, from a noted expert on school-age kids.
When your child is between the ages of 5 and 9, your job is to empower him to be both careful and confident. That means teaching them about personal safety.
What exactly does your kindergartener need to do to be 'on task', a phrase you will hear a lot this first year of school? Here are 5 musts.
In February, your child has been in kindergarten for 100 days. Here are 10 ways to celebrate and practice counting along the way.
Find out what parents can expect from writing at the of their child's kindergarten year. Here's a rundown of the curriculum, and how parents can help.
What can you expect from writing in the spring of your child's kindergarten year? Here's a run down of the curriculum, and how parents can help.
Is your child 'reading' by looking at the pictures for clues?  Should parents be concerned this isn't 'real' reading?  Of course not!
All kindergarteners wiggle and squirm.  But over the year, teachers expect them focus so that they can do big learning.  Read here to see how you can help.
Find out what kindergarteners are learning between April and June, and see how they can meet end-of-year standards with your support.
You've probably thought about all the things you'd like the new teacher to know about your child. But how honest should you be about strengths and weaknesses?
Starting in January, kindergartens have entered a 'sweet spot' when routines are set, and academic gains are steady. Read here to see what's up.
Browse kindergarten educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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