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If the word assessment has popped up as you and your child prepare for school, you are not alone. Here's what to expect from kindergarten assessments.
It's overwhelming enough just trying to choose the right school for your kindergartener, let alone deciding whether she should spend 90 percent of her time being taught standard subjects—like math . . .
Is it legal to wipe out an entire  kindergarten program? Parents in some districts have found no kindergarten programs are available for their children.
Examines how the use of technology can enhance children√Ęs cognitive and social development. Includes a list of grade-suitable technology standards.
Explains generalization (the transfer of learning to new situations) and suggests strategies to develop and maintain generalization skills.
Provides a list of activities to develop prewriting skills in preschoolers and primary-aged children and ideas to make handwriting fun for struggling writers.
Looks at math concepts learned in the first year of formal schooling with focus on standards including numbers, measurement, units of time, patterns, and more.
Shower dad with amazing family memories with this simple and beautiful project: The Necktie Photo Collage.
Does bullying really exist among kindergarten children? The answer is a clear yes, because kids can learn that their behavior is rewarding and continue.
Explores the math process skills of problem solving, reasoning, communicating, connecting, and representing in the early childhood years.
The first unit of language of which young readers need to be aware is the word. This awareness normally develops in kindergarten or early first grade.
Read about drama and role play as an intervention in an educational setting. Role playing enables children to express themselves and understand their behavior
Examines a number of important issues related to kindergarten education, including redshirting, high-stakes testing, and entrance age.
Explanation of alternative kindergarten programs developed to prepare students for increasingly rigorous academic expectations and a look at the issue of
Summarizes research, historical changes and the perspectives of instructional approaches to literacy from whole language to the more explicit use of phonics
Summarizes the importance of literacy development in preschool and kindergarten and lists important components that should be included in early literacy
Promoting physical activity, allowing practice with small-muscle skills and providing nutritious food and rest for children can increase positive behavior.
This article opposes the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) and Reading First curriculum, which has changed the way literacy is taught in early childhood and
Browse kindergarten educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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