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Here are four brand new titles that will turn your kindergartener on to reading, and make for a wonderful summer together.
When it comes to kindergarten, you know the expectations for reading, writing, and math. But what about behavior? Here's what teachers expect from students.
Is your child ready for kindergarten reading? Here are the 10 skills he needs in order to succeed.
Make kindergarten readiness simple! This article lists the 10 kindergarten readiness skills your child needs and how you can help teach them.
You've read the kindergarten readiness checklist and your child has been doing everything on it for over a year now. Will kindergarten be too easy?
When kindergarteners and first graders reverse letters, are they just hitting a bump, or should you worry about dyslexia? Here's info on dyslexia warning signs.
Here are some tips to help your kindergartener deal with separation anxiety during the first days of school.
Are you ready for the first day of school? Is your child? Follow these steps to make sure the transition to kindergarten is as easy as possible.
What do kids really gain from working and playing in the garden? Here are the skills that kindergarteners learn from all that digging.
When your child is between the ages of 5 and 9, your job is to empower him to be both careful and confident. That means teaching them about personal safety.
If the word assessment has popped up as you and your child prepare for school, you are not alone. Here's what to expect from kindergarten assessments.
You've probably thought about all the things you'd like the new teacher to know about your child. But how honest should you be about strengths and weaknesses?
The last few months of kindergarten are crucial for reading success. Here's what teachers typically cover and an end-of-the-year reading skills checklist.
If your child is going to kindergarten for the first time, what do you need to be doing between now and then to get her ready for that big day?
Here's a breakdown of what a kindergartener should be able to do physically, so you can keep your child on track:
The first day of kindergarten is a recipe for incredible anticipation mixed with a tummy full of butterflies.  How to make the most of this special day.
In February, your child has been in kindergarten for 100 days. Here are 10 ways to celebrate and practice counting along the way.
Browse kindergarten holidays & seasons educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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