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If you've got a kid in preschool, your time for peace and quiet has come to an end.  Here's a guide to understanding why your child is talking your ear off.
Repeating bad language is often a stage that most preschool go through. Here's what parents need to know about why and how to react when the bad words begin.
An expert parenting guide to understanding your preschooler's speech development.
As adults, we often feel it's too difficult to learn a new language, but for kids, it's easy. Here's how to get bilingual in an increasingly global society.
A caring environment is integral for your child's learning and language development. Learning and language development at home, child care, and the community.
Read about the rapid language development in ages 3-5, from a 3 year old's constant questioning to a 5 year old's sophisticated sentence structure.
Parental involvement has an important effect on a child's reading and writing development.
Overviews how play in many forms can be an ideal vehicle for language acquisition in young children including pretend play, role playing and solitary play.
A discussion of the three levels of language knowledge that children develop in early childhood.
An overview of the process that a child goes through in learning language and the rules that govern speech.
Here are nine ways you can encourage your child's social-emotional, creative, and physical growth.
Outlines the acquisition of sentence forms, including declarative and conjoining, within Brown's stages of development for children age 12 months to 4 years.
Provides a table outlining the locational prepositions understood by children aged 24 months to five years.
Provides a table outlining the use of pronouns in the language development of children aged 12 months to 4 years.
Summarizes various forms and techniques of verbal guidance to strengthen the child's communication skills including active listening and redirection.
Children's babbling and scribbling are important stages in both oral and written language. Read more about the 5 categories along the normal language
Examines how through play, children can enhance language skills and are provided opportunities to facilitate literacy development.
Provides a description of six assessments commonly used in the preschool years to evaluate young children's language development.
Browse language milestones ages 3 to 5 educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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