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You've heard of book smarts and street smarts, but a growing group of experts is urging parents to work on something even more fundamental: 'sensory smarts.'
When your child's special education journey begins, make sure the programs needed for their specific learning disability are in place.
More special needs students are being included in the 'regular' classroom. Here's how parents can help to their kids to appreciate their special needs peers.
Identifies common characteristics seen in LD children and provides strategies to adapt instruction to meet the student's needs.  Highlights ADHD.
Despite all the flack NCLB is getting, there is a new report out which says at least one group has benefited overall from NCLB: students with disabilities.
Inclusion remains a controversial concept in education because it relates to educational and social values, as well as the sense of individual worth.
Provides an example of an IEP for a second grade child with a specific learning disability.  Includes assessment information, goals and modifications.
Describes ways in which teachers can make social studies curriculum more accessible for students with learning disabilities.
Why is it important to support English language learners? This article tells you how to support non-native speakers of English in classrooms and schools.
These classroom strategies will help kids with learning disabilities achieve success.
Define Response to Intervention (RTI) and discusses the three step model of school supports that uses research-based academic and/or behavioral interventions.
Students with special needs may be educated in one of several environments. Chart illustrates class placement options that are ranked according to
Read about adaptations and interventions that can be made to help the disabled child experience a broad range of play activities.
The article discusses how technology can assist children with learning disabilities to learn in many ways.
Find out what issues kids with learning disabilities may face.
Summarizes how universal design for learning (UDL) is a way to help all students access the curriculum in nonstandard ways and how it varies from typical
Summarizes the prevention of learning disabilities and what can be done to keep them from getting worse and from spreading to other areas of functioning.
Find out six reasons why a child might have a learning disability.
Browse learning disability help educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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