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Avoid the summer slide with these educational activities and fun ideas for how to keep your kid learning over the summer.
Practicing math facts this summer? Take some tips from the pros to make the process both fun and effective.
Want to help your child boost some academics this summer?  Good news! You can use state standards to guide you. Here's how.
The phrase 'summer school' may give your kid nightmares, but with an attitude like that, he'll turn summer school into a regular routine. How do you help your struggling student turn things around and get ready to tackle summer school like an all-star student? We asked Tracy L. Jackson, a school counseling district coordinator, for her expert advice.
Here's our list of the most awesome science activities for summer.
Summer reading may be required by schools, but for a truly educational experience over the summer, it's all about summer writing! To prevent the summer slide, the phenomenon that leaves students starting the new school year a step back from the level they finished with in June, go for reading more engaging older brother, writing. These tips will make writing in the sunshine the new favorite summertime activity for your child.
Tips for preparing your child for the school year to come while providing social learning opportunities throughout the summer.
Motivating reluctant readers can be a challenge during the summer, but we've got six great ideas to stimulate reading even when school is a distant memory.
Should parents expect the same level of discipline out of their children over the summer months?
For parents who worry that their child might be one of the many who will struggle to catch up in the fall, could summer school be the solution?
Here are some great camp activities that you can try at home this summer.
Five strategies to create a fun, enriching summertime educational experience that will give your child the math skills to get ahead before fall.
Don't forget about building vocabulary at home this summer! Keep vocab learning going with these tips and ideas.
Help your teen avoid the summer math slide and retain math skills with these painless educational activities.
Tips for arranging a solid and stress-free schedule for your child this summer.
As much as kids would like a break from school and homework over the summer, it's important that they continue to exercise their brains.
True or False: child + summer vacation = loss of math skills. The answer can depend on you.
Browse summer learning educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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