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In classrooms it is important that materials that reflect cultures such as dolls, puzzles, posters, etc. be inclusive.
Find definitions of three broad terms related to multicultural education and diverse learners and additional terms that describe multicultural principles of
The article discusses social changes, political forces, economic pressures, plus beliefs and values that influence educational practices.
Why is it important to support English language learners? This article tells you how to support non-native speakers of English in classrooms and schools.
Overviews problems in current instruction of English Language Learners and compares theories and models in bilingual education.
This article explains how children learn a second language. Read this and help your child become bilingual.
Many children of Asian immigrants become an important bridge between their families and U.S. culture and institutions. How language brokering affects kids.
Schools reflect the dominant culture of which they are a part. In the United States, our school system naturally teach the European American values.
There is a popular image of Asian American students as the 'model minority.' In fact, Asian Americans are a diverse population with different educational needs.
Compares and contrasts how mothers and caregivers facilitate language development in young children and how this is affected by cultural and socioeconomic
A discussion of the issues that parents and children who come from interracial families face, and how they relate to early childhood education.
It's a long road to fluency and there are many way to promote language acquisition. Here are a few tactics to help get your youngster talking.
Culture influences education in many ways. Here the individualist and collectivist cultural perspectives on education are compared.
Get the lowdown on the best way to educate English Language Learners.
Has learning a second language become obsolete? With public foreign language programs shutting down due to budget cuts, parents face the choice of pricey tutoring or their child staying monolingual. Check out the pros and cons here.
Summarizes the benefits of using this student-centered, “hands-on” curriculum approach with struggling readers and English Language Learners.
Especially helpful for educators who work with students of diverse backgrounds, this article describes how particular cultural backgrounds influence learning.
The debate on bilingual education roars on, with both sides posing valid arguments. Here are the top ten issues to consider.
Browse second language learning educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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