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English Language Arts becomes especially important in middle school. Here's what happens in reading, writing, and vocabulary in English class.
Battle of the Books is an annual competition that gets kids excited about reading comprehension. Avid readers will love this new organization!
When your child's special education journey begins, make sure the programs needed for their specific learning disability are in place.
As the holiday season moves into full swing and kids are home from school, it's easy to forget to keep learning going. Here's what you can do:
Listening to some of these stories will give beginning readers an added boost of inspiration.
Kids are not always ready to read by age five, and pushing them can have negative effects.  Why parents should respect their child's natural reading pace.
Get the goods on how teachers approach reading strategies, and find out how you can boost your child's reading comprehension at home.
Wondering how to support your child's transition from pre-reading to reading? Here are some parenting tips and resources to get your child started.
Summer reading has a lot to do with learning. But that doesn't mean it has to be dull.
Starting in January, kindergartens have entered a 'sweet spot' when routines are set, and academic gains are steady. Read here to see what's up.
Here are five compelling and thought-provoking novels that will widen your child's perspective of the world and the future.
Here are five exciting, beautifully illustrated books of nonfiction for early readers ages four and older:
Did you know there may be a way to improve your child's reading before he even begins to read?
Learning to read isn't exactly intuitive.  It takes hard work.  How to help your child with the bumps and hiccups along the way.
Don't forget about building vocabulary at home this summer! Keep vocab learning going with these tips and ideas.
Few teens are getting the nine hours of sleep per night that researchers say they need. Here's what you can you do about it.
Why is it that some books become timeless favorites, destined to be read and re-read, while others get set aside after the first cursory glance?
Is your child 'reading' by looking at the pictures for clues?  Should parents be concerned this isn't 'real' reading?  Of course not!
Browse reading for beginners educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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