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Last summer your teenager lazed around the pool. This summer, he's old enough to get a job. So should you send him out into the workforce?
If you care for a child who is disabled, it's likely you worry about your child's financial future. Here's how to ensure that your child's needs will be met:
Independence starts at home -- in your own kitchen and your own backyard.  Here's how to set up your house to encourage it.
Obviously, real life doesn't work quite like Mary Poppins' magic when it comes to chores. But But parents do have the power to create a positive atmosphere.
Find out more about opportunities with the military for individuals with disabilities, including jobs with civilian workforce or jobs as enlisted personnel.
Have a jar full of coins just waiting to be dumped into Coinstar? Why not use those coins to teach your child about math and money?
Winning the war on clutter is not as challenging as you might think.  Parenting tips on how to start your family on the road to an organized life.
Did it ever occur to you that you have one of the best tools for teaching compassion in your household? That's right -- Fido and Fluffy!
Here are some suggestions to help your child cultivate “an attitude of gratitude”.
You'd do anything to protect your kids, but there's one important stone many parents leave unturned: creating a will.
Should you encourage your child to participate in a spelling bee? This article discusses what sorts of skills a spelling bee hones and why to get involved.
What does your little one dream of becoming?  A cowboy?  A ballerina?  What do these 'when I grow up' fantasies mean?
Creating confident, responsible, and principled individuals is Scouting's mission - and a parent's goal. Here's how to give your child's life skills a boost:
The life of a teenager is full of tough issues and life-changing decisions. As a parent, you are responsible to help them learn to be successful.
Your teen is poised for collegiate success with strong academic and extracurricular records ... right? Learn the basic life skills every teen should know.
Careers in science and tech are climbing and mean promising futures for today's students. Find out how to get your kid excited about these fascinating fields.
Browse life skills educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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