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Texting may have it's place in modern times, but does it have its place in the classroom? Get the facts on chronic teen texting.
Regardless of which parent it falls to to explain relationships and sex to your son, it's an important discussion to have that will benefit your family for years to come.
Parental involvement takes on a new role in middle school. Here's what the experts say is the best way to get involved.
Puberty isn't a fun time for anyone, and sometimes it takes an archaic PSA on YouTube to jolt us back to those days of growth spurts and schoolboy crushes. The styles and trends are different, but the . . .
Kids often get frustrated and lose interest in their assignments. You can help: hereâs an age-by-age guide to being your child's homework coach:
Fall is fast approaching, and your teen is about to enter high school.  What now?
What can parents do to help their children move to being the smallest fish in a much bigger pond? Here are 7 ideas to help them be successful.
Making the transition from grade school to middle school is a huge adjustment. Here's what kids and parents need to know about bullying, sex, and other issues.
In today's classrooms, boys seem to be struggling to follow-through with homework. So how can you help them get organized and on track?
Remember that parents were once graduates too! Celebrate your child's graduation by throwing a 'throw back' party that pays homage to the year you graduated.
Here's a sampling of writing prompts to help your child understand different styles.
Differences in growth rates and vocabulary development manifest themselves early in a childâs life and seem most closely correlated with socioeconomic status.
Place value is perhaps the most fundamental concept imbedded in the elementary and middle school mathematics curriculum. This article discusses it in depth.
Explains generalization (the transfer of learning to new situations) and suggests strategies to develop and maintain generalization skills.
Discusses in depth the 5 skills that students need to acquire to do better in science: acquisitive, organizational, creative, manipulative, and communicative.
Summarizes the emotional development of adolescents, including variations in self-concept and how emotions are related to physical and intellectual development.
How can parents encourage independence and help tweens cope with middle school? The answer may be as simple as giving them a good book.
Learning modalities are the senses used in the learning process: seeing, hearing, moving and touching. Learn to detect kids' preferred learning modalities.
Browse middle school educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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