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During middle and late childhood, kids are pragmatists: they're concerned with how things work, rather than with why they work or how well they work.
We've searched high and low for new titles to entice even the most reluctant of middle school readers. Here are our list of favorites:
Making the transition from grade school to middle school is a huge adjustment. Here's what kids and parents need to know about bullying, sex, and other issues.
Looking for gifts for middle school grads?  Here are eight ideas to send them onto high school in style.
Learn more about steps and individual intervention for coping with cliques and bullies in middle and high school.
This Black History Month, take the time with your child to listen your way through 80 years of African-American musical royalty.
Power struggles are a common occurrence during the preschool years. Here are expert tips for avoiding power struggles and dealing with them if they do occur.
Parents see it, and experts agree: many, many middle school boys have a terrible time staying organized. Try these tips for staying sane.
What can parents do to help their children move to being the smallest fish in a much bigger pond? Here are 7 ideas to help them be successful.
Developmental milestones in middle childhood can be classified into four broad domains: physical, cognitive, affective, or social development.
Summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of both homogeneous ability grouping and heterogeneous ability grouping of middle school students. Discusses how to
Read a description of ten issues affecting the physical development of middle school children as well as suggestions for how teachers can address these issues.
Summarizes four issues concerning the socialization needs of middle school students that educators should take into consideration.
Lots of ideas for nature activities for middle school girls. Includes games and bonding activities for moms and tween daughters.
Discusses behavior in peer groups and the importance of friendships for social development. Factors described include popularity, peer networks and acceptance.
The article discusses language development in middle childhood.
Here are some key action steps for parents and students to help organize and make sense of the college admissions process.
Middle school is the time to develop effective study skills that will last through high school and college. Advice for parents on teaching study success.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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