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Does birth order really matter? Find out common traits of each kid in the birth lineup, and get our tips for parenting your oldest, middle and youngest kids.
We might as well admit it: by the time your kid hits middle school, textbook reading just isn't as 'fun' as it used to be.
An estimated 1 billion valentines are mailed every year. Sure, they express love รข but do you know why?
The school year's coming fast! Here's some loot to make your kids smile on their way to the bus stop.
Here are some great activities to do do with you child to celebrate the 100th day of the school year.
Once a child reaches middle school they no longer need help with reading, right? Wrong, according to the new and improved Striving Readers Act recently introduced in the United States House and Senate
Your one-year-old is old enough to snooze through the night, but that doesn't mean she will! Help your independent tot get the rest she needs by tackling these common toddler sleep issues.
Ergonomics and school. Parenting advice on how to create homework spaces and work habits that help your child.
Is your child locker-ready?  Here are expert parenting tips on how to make the transition between cubby and locker a smooth one.
Which type of teacher will suit your child? Here's what you need to know.
At first glance, early math instruction looks like easy kids' stuff.  But for a child things are quite different, here's how to help.
Got a reluctant reader on your hands? Here's how to encourage your reluctant reader to hit the books.
Why limit science to the classroom? Roll up your sleeves and get cookin'!
Kids are not always ready to read by age five, and pushing them can have negative effects.  Why parents should respect their child's natural reading pace.
Expert advice from a school psychologist on understanding your adolescent child.
English Language Arts becomes especially important in middle school. Here's what happens in reading, writing, and vocabulary in English class.
A middle school writing aide's perspective on how to get students to see the 'big picture.'
Here's a quick guide that will walk your preteen through writing a letter to your local politician.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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