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Today's teenagers are trying on new identities in some visually extreme ways that make some parents nervous. Should they really worry?
Power struggles with toddlers take many parents by surprise. In the blink of an eye, your sweet, happy baby has been replaced with an impossible handful. So, what are the triggers, and how do you deal? Find out.
Learn about the many resources that can aid families and professionals as they try to deal with the issues associated with runaways.
Your kid is kicking and screaming in a full-blown tantrum again, and you're at the end of your rope. Find out how to stop tantrums before they start.
Find out what you can do to help your child when she says she hates school. Here are some common problems and some tips.
Impulsive behavior has many common causes and solutions. Read this article and learn to replace your child's impulsive behavior with self-control.
Summarizes several behavior problems that typically occur among preschoolers during their development, including eating, sleeping and elimination problems.
Learn how to define a problem behavior and select a replacement behavior.
Effective discipline focuses on the development of the child and preserves the child's dignity and self-esteem. The following skills provide some suggestions
A little conflict can spark a big meltdown at any time of day. Turn the situation around with these behavioral tips.
What changes await as you enter parenthood? Get the lowdown.
Counseling teens can be tricky business. Often when social workers receives a call for help to counsel a teen it is from from an exasperated parent who no
During an all-out tantrum, toddlers sometimes hold their breath until they pass out as a form of control. End these scary breath holding spells with these tips.
Dealing with a difficult teenager? It's normal- and it's helpful to know that some of this 'crazy' behavior is just part of being a teen. Read more.
Young people need to understand that the Choking Game is not a game and that it is very dangerous. Learn about the game, why it is being played, the signs and
Time-outs have been a controversial subject. This article discusses whether punishment really works, and the difference between time-out and time-away.
The level of security or attachment children have with their primary caregiver can affect their behavior.  This article looks in depth the work of Bowlby and
Highlights the importance of healthy parent-child dialogue. Suggested communication strategies include problem ownership, active listening and using I-messages.
Browse discipline and challenging child behavior educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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