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What to do if your child hasn't learned to walk 'on schedule': First, relax. Second, read this article!
What are the benefits of letting children go barefoot? You might be surprised. Here's what you need to know about the benefits of bare feet in children.
When it comes to speech and motor development, why not take some tips from the insiders who know best?
Correct pencil grip can not only improve handwriting, it can also help with overall brain development as well. So just what is the right way to hold a pencil?
Here's a breakdown of what a kindergartener should be able to do physically, so you can keep your child on track:
As soon as your child develops his motor skills, he'll be showing you his dominant hand. What should you do if it's his left one?
What do 10 pins and a big heavy ball have to do with kindergarten?  Bowling is a sport that touches on many aspects of kindergarten readiness. Here's how.
Kids develop at different rates, one child might be ready to tango while another is learning to walk.  Here's a guide to some common childhood milestones.
Help your little one get the rest she needs for growth and development in her first year. Here are some tips to help you understand and plan your baby's sleep routine.
Provides a list of activities to develop prewriting skills in preschoolers and primary-aged children and ideas to make handwriting fun for struggling writers.
Summarizes how preschoolers will refine and develop abilities in their gross-motor, fine-motor, and perceptual-motor skills.
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, is the leading cause of death in infants and every parent's worst nightmare. Get our tips for preventing SIDS and helping your baby sleep safely.
Discusses the considerable growth in the area of physical development that three to five year olds experience including growth in both fine and gross motor
Find nine suggestions of how adults can encourage physical play in preschool children, including providing daily opportunities to engage in motor play.
Summarizes the four phases of developmental progression that children experience during the acquisition of motor skills.
From her first words to her first movements, your baby's constantly amazing you. Most parents assume they have a little genius on their hands—but does that mean you should be enrolling your little one in baby classes?
Did you know that your baby's tummy holds the key to his head, neck and shoulder muscle development? Here are a few fun tips to help you sneak in some 'tummy time' to help your baby strengthen and grow.
Browse growth and motor development educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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