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Wondering how to support your child's transition from pre-reading to reading? Here are some parenting tips and resources to get your child started.
Listening to some of these stories will give beginning readers an added boost of inspiration.
What are the Reading Wars?  What the experts have to say on the issue of whether there is one best way for kids to learn to read.
Early childhood educators are singing the praises of song as a literacy tool. Here's how you can get your child learning through song!
Auditory learners learn best by hearing information and using self-talk, but how do you know if your child is an auditory learner? has the answer!
Get the goods on how teachers approach reading strategies, and find out how you can boost your child's reading comprehension at home.
Here are five exciting, beautifully illustrated books of nonfiction for early readers ages four and older:
Getting to know letters and words is just the beginning. Here are expert tips on fostering your child's reading fluency.
Don't forget about building vocabulary at home this summer! Keep vocab learning going with these tips and ideas.
The summer can be an ideal time to help a child with Dyslexia make significant academic gains. This article includes information on fun and educational summer
If you're a reader, you know the irresistible allure a day spent doing nothing but reading. The good news is that on April 12th, you can do just that!
Reading aloud to children models expressive reading, shows kids the connection between speech and print, helps them develop stronger vocabularies, and more.
A list of easy reading fiction books for a fourth grade student. These books may be written on a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade level but are at interest levels
Reading aloud strengthens comprehension, fluency, and more. Check out the top 10 reasons why parents and educators should teach children to read aloud.
Shares how families and teachers can use Cambournes√Ęs eight conditions of literacy development to help children develop literacy in fun and meaningful ways.
An interview with author Gayle Brandeis discussing her lifelong love affair with books, and how she has raised her kids to be voracious readers and writers.
Toss that text book. Here are four great ways to turn your child into a punctuation stickler.
Got an emerging reader on your hands? Sometimes the best way to promote literacy is to grab a book of your own and join in the fun. Here's how you can get your whole family reading!
Browse reading and nurturing educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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