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This article discusses how technology can be used as an educational tool in the classroom to foster meaningful learning.
The standards in this article are intended for 4-year-old children. It includes standards for singing and playing instruments, creating music and understanding
Lullabies from the greatest composers and spontaneous melodies sung and hummed by loving caregivers have brought comfort and sleep to countless babies.
Research indicates that early association with classical music can increase children’s enjoyment of music as an art form!
You love your pet like he's your baby—but now that your real baby's on the way, Fido is looking less 'furry friend' and more ferocious animal. Get our tips for to ensure pet safety around your baby.
Did you know that a child’s awareness of music begins very early? Music and movement activities are essential for young childrens' development.
Learn more about important Internet safety facts.
Independent eating is more than a break from playing 'airplane' spoon, it's an important milestone. Here are 8 toddler foods to help your little one eat all by herself—and help her develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, to boot!
Graduating to a sippy cup is an important milestone on your toddler's transition to a 'big-kid' cup. However, these mess-minimizers have their share of critics. Find out how to choose and use the best sippy cups for babies.
Has learning a second language become obsolete? With public foreign language programs shutting down due to budget cuts, parents face the choice of pricey tutoring or their child staying monolingual. Check out the pros and cons here.
Recently, iKeepSafe and Reputation Defenders teamed-up to address the topic of online reputations -- your child's, or your own.  Here a are a few Q&A tips that
Cyberbullying must be stopped since its consequences are significant.
One in three online teens have experienced online harassment. Girls are more likely to be victims. Read more facts about cyberbullying and online teens.
Now is the time to invest in our children to make sure they are prepared to succeed in the 21st century. Here are few useful tips.
Article talks about the types of homework and how can parents help with child's homework.
Browse outside the classroom educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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