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There's nothing quite like mom guilt; from discipline to nutrition, it's easy to feel like you're not doing it right. Parenting is hard! Give yourself a break and try not to worry about these typical mama stressors.
Italian parents are known for their love of food, beauty and of course, tight-knit families. Read on to learn about parenting practices from Italy.
Parenting isn't always easy. Sometimes, you don't know how to make your child eat her vegetables. No mom is perfect, but there are some mistakes that lead to a spoiled rotten kid. Avoid these to ensure you're raising a happy, humble child.
Surviving the holidays can be tough—between family gatherings, shopping and parties, 'tis the season for a strain on your time, energy and wallet. More often than not, these family-centered holidays pit exes against each other in the battle of the blended families, each wanting time with their little ones during this magical time of year.
You've yelled, scolded, bribed and pleaded, yet your child still drags her feet at every simple request. Chore times and homework sessions become a battleground where you both lose. What can you do to motivate kids?

Numerous studies have found that the most effective parenting model is an authoritative one—firm, but loving. Authoritative parents have a high level of involvement, but allow their kids to make choices and face the consequences. As kids get older, parents gradually give more freedom.

Read on to find some specific strategies for motivating kids that fit within the authoritative parenting model.
Tests and homework are generic -- so what does that mean for your kid's individual needs? Give him an educational boost with a personalized education.
The best parenting advice is relevant in any era. Check out these historic parenting quotes that have stood the test of time.
Don't limit thankfulness to the holiday season. Teaching children gratitude will help them drop the 'gimmes' for good and learn to be happy with what they have all year long.
To make sure your child's bedroom isn't a playroom, den, kitchen or pigsty, avoid the items on this helpful list.
Americans might be surprised to see how Canadian parents interact with their kids up in the 'True North strong and free.' On the surface, Canucks seem fairly similar to Yankees, but when you drill down…
Many parents recreate their own parents' habits. Read about why this happens and what you can do to be the parent you want to be, not the one who raised you.
Are you feeling a little burned out? Maybe it's time to schedule a one day beach getaway for yourself. Here's how.
Craft parties are fun and fruitful. To get your own fabulous crafting party started, check out our craft party ideas and tips for tools, food, and more.
Fortunately, you don't need to go anywhere to get away â just turn your house into a resort for the day with our easy home spa ideas.
We asked our Facebook Fans to share their best April Fools' Day jokes with us (and you!). Here are 10 of our favorites.
While the general public gets to enjoy the holiday season with reckless abandon, real-life moms are often slower to celebrate. Sure, the holidays mean…
Fall means more than just back to school! Check out these fall fashion trends your teen won't want to miss. We've got your fall fashion must-haves covered.
You want your child-rearing style to be the best for your baby, but with all the 'perfect parenting' manuals out today, it's hard to choose a style that works for you. Do moms around the world have the secret to parenting success?
Browse parent inspiration ideas educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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